Last Friday

To all reading this, last Friday 10/21 at 1:00, I had a CT biopsy.  It could be another week before we know something.  If and when we get a diagnosis, I will post it here.  It takes me about 24 hours to digest information before I’m ready to talk about it.  If you had asked me before this, I would have never thought I would need time but ….I guess I’m human.  Who knew?

The Prayers that are being prayed for me are too much sometimes. I am humbled.  I am grateful and I thank you for each word.  I personally am praying for laughter.  NOT PATIENCE!  I think I have learned that lesson, maybe not.  I want to laugh at this, giggle, and not give it the power.  I look at the positive until I have to face the ugly.   Then I still want to laugh.

Love to all…

About sewinggal21

Christian, wife, mother, friend, and now more everyday.
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