Following me

If your reading my posts and would like an email notification when there is a new post, look at the bottom right of your screen.  There should be a small box with follow on it that you can click and enter your email address.  Thanks again.  Still waiting.

About sewinggal21

Christian, wife, mother, friend, and now more everyday.
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4 Responses to Following me

  1. Gabrielle Pikul says:

    Your sense of humor and smile will get you through this illness. You are in my prayers and if you need help, I am happy to come up and stay with you.


  2. Karen Cliff says:

    God is with you!


  3. Gabrielle Pikul says:

    Thinking of you Sandi, I wish you and your Family a Blessed Thanksgiving and a safe and wonderful trip!

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  4. Alan Faulkner says:

    I am officially here now! What a great day yesterday! I’m right here with you! Love Al the Pal!


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