Calm before the Storm

Everyone has been so great about the offers to help.  Right now, there is absolutely nothing that anyone can help me with.  But, I’m sure in the next 4-5 months, there will be ample opportunities.  This is a marathon not a sprint.  

Full disclosure, I’m scheduled this week for an Echo Cardiogram, another CT scan, and a Bone Marrow Biopsy.  After thanksgiving, I have a Pet Scan and another visit with Dr. Bruce.  That will tell us what stage I am and how my chemo treatments will be set up.  Then, the following week, I believe the chemo will start.   I’m a bit anxious about that because I have heard and read a million different things about how chemo affects people.  Must be quite an individual thing.   So, maybe I’ll be one of those that can go about my day or get some really great superpower!!

So, around packing and tests, I am having a blast shopping for wigs, hats, and playing with scarves.  Only Connor has offered to shave his head with me.  Mallory and I are planning on some wild hair dying before it falls out.   Hence, the need for hats even before I go bald!   Just kidding Mal.  (Maybe)

Keep smiling!!  I am.


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6 Responses to Calm before the Storm

  1. Claire Dibble says:

    I am 5 houses away! If you need ANYTHING call me!! XOXOXO Claire

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  2. Diane Dukes says:

    Sending you love and prayers! It’s already obvious you have the power of prayer and a positive outlook to get the CURE! But we are here ready and more than willing to help in any way we can. Hugs and kisses until then,

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  3. Ken Wyckoff says:

    You go, Sandi! You have all our love to support you in this journey.

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  4. Monica Gilroy says:

    Sandi, Curt, and kids. I am just reading this. You are all now and forever in my prayers. Please let me know if I can do anything legally for you-always happy to help in any way.

    Sending hugs and love

    Monica Gilroy

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  5. Kathleen Riggs says:

    Sandi, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers as you go through the process of being cured of this unwelcome visitor. I anticipate the day that our prayers can become those of thanksgiving for your cure. Please call on me whenever you need me, even if it is only to throw the ball for Gabby! Love you, Kathleen


  6. Jane Thomas says:

    Sandi…I just “found” this. I am so sorry to hear about this…to me you are still that beautiful young lady I watched grow up. You will be always in my prayers!


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