Thankful for memories

I have to tell you about the vacation of a lifetime.  We had been planning a trip to St. John for months.  The plane tickets were bought, the house rented, plans made.  Then I got my news and it was touch and go on whether it would happen.  When the Dr. said it was ok, I was thrilled.   THEN, I schedule a bone marrow biopsy for the day before we left.  DUMB!  After it was over, the nurse came in and said I couldn’t swim in a pool, hot tub, or especially the ocean for 7 days.  I was livid but still planning to make the most of it.  If I counted right, I had One day to snorkel.  It would have to be ok.

I obeyed and stayed out of the water.  (It was not hard because I love just watching everyone else have fun).  Best memory of the trip? Thanksgivng evening.    We had a traditional turkey meal at a restaurant early that afternoon, then came back to the house where Mallory prepared us for coloring our hair.  We laughed, Connor played Disney songs so we sang the familiar tunes, danced and laughed more.  My cousin Devette went blue/green near her neck, Mallory went purple on her ends, I went pink and Connor went full on green.  It was hysterical!  Ken (Devette’s husband) prepared the foil and helped with the mixing and rinsing.  Curt just sat back reading and watching the fun.   I knew it was magical when he and Mallory danced together.

I forgot about the stuff to come so many times that when the topic came up again, I couldn’t believe how long I had gone without the thoughts crossing my mind.   So, when I am hooked up to machines and feeling bad, these are the memories that will get me through.  

Tomorrow is answer day when Curt and I meet with Dr. Bruce and I will make another post with answers to our new questions.  Keep praying because as the days click off closer to chemo time, my anxiety grows.   I know God has me, but human feelings creep through.    


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7 Responses to Thankful for memories

  1. Donna says:

    Sandi, Your post brought tears to my eyes as I picture your family having fun and laughing together. Your attitude of joy, strength and courage is such an encouragement to us all as we face much smaller worries of life. You are such an awesome mother, wife, and daughter. Your family cherishes you! Thank you for sharing your memories of vacation. You guys are in our prayers as you tackle and conquer this. We love you all!!!

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  2. Janet says:

    I would never have been brave enough to go pink! I can picture the whole event. What a hoot! So glad you are continuing to create laughable memories. Just keep hanging in there. Take a moment at a time. Okay, my deep spiritual advice…..”You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”. Christopher Robin to Pooh. Well, maybe not so spiritual-but I know you know Jesus-so, that base is covered.


  3. Doris Gibson says:

    -Sandi – so thankful you have these memories and can remember them during more stressful times. When good times come again, you should have Mallory color your hair — I loved it! –And remember, when going through tests, needles, treatments, – terrible days; – we are all holding you in our hearts with thoughts and prayers. And, you may find that, taking it one day at a time, it is bearable. We’re a big, strong group – these Cains/Faulkners/Gibsons – and we will be there if you need us. Love you.


  4. Carolyn Csoka says:

    So glad the trip was wonderful. The pictures were awesome. I’ll bet it was just amazing being there with everyone.
    Praying for you tomorrow and looking forward to hearing an update.
    I love you and would love to see you soon.


  5. Margaret says:

    I love the story, but seeing is believing. I want to see pink. My imagination, like my memory, is not as vivid as it used to be. I am glad you all had an awesome time. My prayers are with you every time God brings you to mind. He is doing that often. As much as we all love you, He loves you more. This is a faith journey for all of us. I’m believing and claiming a miracle for you. I love you, girl!!!

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  6. Gale Owens says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Love you, Sandi.


  7. Jan Adams says:

    I’m so happy you had that Special Thanksgiving Trip with your family. Lots of Smiles and Memories made. We will be praying with you and for you for all the days to come. Blessings and Hugs to you always!!!!


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