How am I doing?

When I was preparing for this season of my life, I read a ton. I wanted to be physically and mentally ready. From now on, everyone should just say, HOLD ON! I have been knocked over! My bodily functions have completely freaked out on me and that is ALL I will say about that. Now I know I told you I was Lady Godiva with my silk pajamas, watching tv and being waited on hand and foot. All that is still true but Lady Godiva got run over by a semi, my silk pajamas ended up being too hot so back to my cotton stained shirt, and now I have to sleep sitting up as if I’m on a plane (to nowhere). Anyone remember the Hunger Games when Katniss tied herself to a tree? Never happened! No way did she sleep in that position.  
I have been sent lots of things which I am grateful for, ESP socks! Who knew my feet would stay so stinking cold? I am having to eat differently and smells are a bit of a problem but we are coping. Everyday is a bit better. My boys got a Christmas tree that had been flocked and put it in the family room so I can see it from the sofa. It is the only Christmas decor we have and I love love love it. It makes me think of winter and snow and all things great with Christmas.

Love to all.


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Christian, wife, mother, friend, and now more everyday.
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5 Responses to How am I doing?

  1. Doris Gibson says:

    –Checking in on you every day, and looking for upbeat posts; altho we may be quiet, we’re not forgetting!!

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  2. Aileen says:

    U will let me know, pls, if u need something picked up, dropped off, walked or whatever, won’t you? Cuz ….we be 2 minutes apart. Aileen

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  3. Elva Smith says:

    Sandi, you are such an inspiration … God bless, and warm Christmas blessings to you and your family. Spring will return! Love , Elva


  4. Carolyn Csoka says:

    It’s so good to get these updates.
    Remember you promised to let us know, once you got started in the process, what you might need. Please let me know if I can bring food or do anythinggg.
    I am praying for you every day.
    I was sewing yesterday and anytime I sew I think of you. I was praying for you.
    Love you.


  5. Linda says:

    So sad that it’s a rough ride for you. Hang in there. Know you’re loved and that we’re here cheering you on.


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