I was home for Christmas

It’s been a wonderful memorable holiday that had lots of small miracles to be grateful for. My wonderful kids have bent over backwards to be with me. It meant that I got to spend some real quality time with each of them. Holidays can be so hectic that it’s almost impossible to have a deep conversation but thanks to the C-word, this year I feel so much closer to my little family.   Curt has also helped me wrap gifts and put under the tree.  I have lost about 85% of my hair. I cut it off when it started because it was disgusting pulling strings off everything. My friend Olga gave me the best haircut but soon, even that went away. The hair loss was a bit shocking even though I knew it was coming. Mallory took me to get my wig and was shocked at how natural it looks. I’m shocked at how cold my head gets. I’m wearing a lot of caps not because I want to look cute, but because they keep the draft off head. 

I also have developed neuropathy in my fingers. For a sewer, I’m a bit irritated. I’m taking medicine to keep it from spreading and I am praying this will be temporary. But, it’s no fun. I think it will keep me from vacuuming, right??

I’m also anxious about the tick tock to Jan 3rd. My next treatment. My mom has asked to take me this time because she is leaving after to cruise to the Panama Canal. I wish I were going!!  

All the visits I have had were such highlights of my day. With my low white blood count, I’m almost afraid of going out in public. I have worn a mask if I did and made sure there was no one around that was sick. Dr. Bruce was very clear about not getting sick. So, I’m home constantly. My poor little car hasn’t seen sunshine in weeks!!

Thanks so much


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15 Responses to I was home for Christmas

  1. Cheryl Otto says:

    Hey lady. Sorry I haven’t been in touch to come by but a few of us have been a little under the weather and I know I cannot be around you. I want to sign up to provide a meal. Do be honest do you and Curt like chicken chilli? If not no prob. I can sign up for something else. We hold you and your family in our prayers.


  2. Janet says:

    Keep hanging in there. It is a long journey. Will keep praying as well. So glad you had such a nice time with your kids. I bet they kept you entertained. Chicken Salad chick……coming when you need it in January.


  3. Keeping you in my prayers. Not close enough to offer you physical help so I’ll stick to the God helpline. Hope the neuropathy diminishes!


  4. Hey Sandi! Several have asked for your blog so I’ve sent that info out. I’ll be heading to SC & MD this week but will pester you once back on 1/16. You are special to so many and I really miss your happy face and sassy ways at the front desk. Prayers for you that this go-round is tolerated well.


  5. Linda says:

    Thinking of you and the family. XO


  6. Doris Gibson says:

    Gale told me how cute you looked; know it has to feel funny, — my head gets cold even if I get a haircut!! And, I am losing my hair the older I get; – yours will grow back! No hope for me. — I think one of your Grandmother Gibson’s favorite sayings was, ….”and this too shall pass.” I try to keep that in mind. I loved your family picture! – and my prayers are with you every day. Love, Aunt Doris..


  7. Margaret says:

    I was thinking of you these past few days knowing your treatment is tomorrow. My prayer has been and will continue to be that, unlike the first time, all will go smoothly. I am praying that the time will pass quickly and that you will experience God’s peace that passes our limited understanding. I can only imagine that the first time was fear of the unknown, but sometimes the knowing can be worse, in a different way. I have been under the weather since before Christmas. When I know I’m completely recovered, I will drop by some goodies even if I don’t stick around. I’ll check in with you closer to time to see what you’re craving. Love you much.


  8. Kim Robertson says:

    Sandi & Curt,
    Mark & I are praying for you as you are dreading tomorrow and all that you know it will bring. Our prayer is that your body will respond well – that the chemo would kill all the cancer without taking a big toll on you.
    So sorry about your beautiful hair! You will rock the scarves though!!
    I am ready for being your errand girl over the next few weeks. Call me whenever you need something picked up and I will call you when I am going to the store. I know your super kids have been of great help over break, but now we can fill the void😀


  9. Same thoughts here, Sandi! I’ll be back in town on January 16th and at your service! I’ve put you on the prayer warriors’ list at my church, praying that you can cope with the good news/bad news effects of chemo and that the sick days are fewer. You are loved!


  10. Jan Adams says:

    Sandi, I’m so happy you had a good Christmas and New Years with your family. I know that is so important to you. I put you on our Grace Church Prayer List. I know we have many praying for you daily. And Russell and I continued to Pray for you. Tomorrow might not be easy, but I know you are ready to get these treatments done and behind you. Your Faith is strong and I know the Lord will give you strength to face each day. Love you my Friend!!


  11. Margaret says:

    Praying for you as we speak. Hope you can feel the love flowing through cyber space straight to you and your family.


  12. Jo Ann says:

    Thinking of you Sandy, and saying prayers today… Jan. 3rd. Survivor buffs are great to keep the head warm!


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