Make Something Beautiful

The other day, when I was wondering if I’d ever get some strength back, I felt that someone was praying for me.  At that exact minute!  It made me smile and I knew I could get through that day.  Thank you.

I have gotten some wonderful fabric lately and I say a huge Thank You!!  I have decided to make a quilt from this fabric to be auctioned for charity.  It may actually be more than one!   Thank you for the smiles I get when I see the fabric, the fun of playing with it, and the planning of the quilt design is so much fun!!   I suppose you have to be a quilter to understand this weird obsession I have.

Curt is tirelessly keeping the house going and Connor is cooking anything I wish.  I’m spoiled.  Thanks to my friends who have chauffeured me this week, Barby and Donna.  I was so stressed out Friday at my PET scan, with insurance and hospital issues, and guess what God did – he sent me an angel and everything from then on went smoothly.  I’ll post a pic of my newest angel, Laura Story.  One of her beautiful songs seem to fit the blog, so I used it in the title above.

I’m always praying for a miracle.  

Your ways, God, are holy. What god is as great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. With your mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.  Psalm 77:13 – 15

Thank you friends.


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3 Responses to Make Something Beautiful

  1. Carolyn Csoka says:

    What a beautiful update! I love reading these. You are such a wonderful reminder of God’s beauty and grace.
    Don’t start the quilt yet! I’ve got fabric for you!! 🙂
    I know you haven’t felt awesome lately but maybe I can get it to Mallory one day?
    Love you girl!! Proud of you!


  2. Doris Gibson says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post, Sandi. We will all be praying that you have a good weekend; especially Sunday – your Special Day. – Aunt Doris


  3. Jan Adams says:

    Thanks for the update. You are doing so well day by day and God’s
    angels will continue to be surprises. I know you are busy with all
    your new fabrics. When you are ready for another tshirt project
    let me know. I have gathered up about 25 of Garrett’s Brookwood XC
    tshirts that i want made into a throw size quilt. I’m sorry we missed
    seeing you and Curt Saturday.

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