First Day of Summer

Happy first day of summer everyone! I am spending some time with the Sassy Queen Sandi today. I needed to catch up with her, here’s what we talked about…

Q: So, what all has happened (treatment wise) since the last blog?

A: my stem cells were harvested on June 5, they got all that they needed in one day (scheduled for four days).  3 RICE chemo rounds under my belt, and today was the first day I woke up feeling good (maybe because of the two pints of B+ blood I got yesterday!).  Thank you to all those blood donors and platelet people!

Q: What is in the near future, treatment wise?

A:  Next week will be routine lab work, to check on my levels and see if I need more blood. On July 5 will be my pet scan to check if these two tumors in my abdomen are gone.  BTW, the tumors or non-Hodgkin’s.  From July 17 – 24, I will receive the next chemo rounds, and on July 26 I’ll be receiving my stem cells back.

Q:  How is your family?

A:  Curt is doing well and working hard. He is well into his bikini body, -35 pounds and still going! Conner is enjoying his work at being an intern. Mallory will be starting a new job on July 5. She is also participating in a half marathon in November, all proceeds will benefit the leukemia and Lymphoma Society – her goal is to raise $2,000.  Please consider supporting this cause by visiting .

Q: What other comments do you have for your adoring fans?

A: thank you for all the powerful and heartfelt prayers, sweet texts, emails and cards – I can open my own Hallmark museum! I feel that I am in the final stretch of this journey, Conquering Cancer! After receiving my stem cells on July 26 I’m looking forward to the month of August 

Note from the interviewer, Sandi is alert, funny and getting to be her usual sassy self – praise the Lord! I did not know what to expect since I’ve not seen her in a while, and was very happy to see her up and around. We even went for a drive and yes I drove

I would like to ask everyone that reads this to join me in please pray for clean result of her upcoming pet scan on July 5th!

Blessings,  Mama Doss

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5 Responses to First Day of Summer

  1. Cheryl Otto says:

    Thank you for the update. Our continuous prayers for you Sandi and your beautiful family. Love you😘


  2. says:

    So glad to receive the update. You are on my mind and heart daily. Janet


  3. Janet says:

    Thank you for the update. Loved the picture of Amsterdam as well. You are on my mind and heart daily. One tough journey.


  4. Lynn says:

    Wonderful update! Thinking of you daily Miss Sassy!
    You’re a strong lady and you have mighty companions traveling along with you
    To help you through this! We are right there with uou!
    Keep those creative juices flowing!


  5. Jan Adams says:

    Thanks for the update – we will continue prayers for Sandi. She has been through an extreme, vigorous ordeal and she has stayed positive and strong. What a strong testimony to others to have Faith and Never Give Up.


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