Well folks, it’s Tuesday and I’m home not at the hospital like was scheduled.  Here’s the story, Saturday and Sunday I was given a shot of a drug that I believe gave me a bad reaction.  When I say bad, I’m talking migraine headaches and numerous trips to the bathroom that lasted until Monday morning.  It was quite bad.  When we arrived at the hospital, they gave me something to calm my stomach and then informed me that since I was not well, they would have to delay everything.  So, I am home, still recovering from the reaction.  Thank goodness Curt is strong and supports me no matter what.   Personally, I wish they would just cancel the stem cell but I know that it’s necessary.  I suppose I have to be well before they kill all my immune system.  Any type of infection would not be good.  So, we wait.  Thanks for the prayers and all the encouraging words.  Will try to keep everyone updated. 


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5 Responses to Delay

  1. Linda says:

    So sorry to hear of the added challenges. We are thinking about you!!


  2. Cheryl otto says:

    Sorry to hear about the delay and all of your discomforts. Our continued daily prayers
    Hopefully will lift you. Much love-


  3. Aileen says:

    Lots of comments come to mind about this situation, but all would be expressed in the vernacular and not appreciated by some. Let’s leave it at ‘it’s a temporary setback’. I just walked by the kettle grill, and there’s an iddy biddy bird bathing in the ashes. Now, I don’t know the reason he/she is doing this, but there must be one. Seems ridiculous, but there is a reason. You having the reaction to this drug has a reason, too. Maybe you’re meant to take something better. It was a one time thing. Nerves might even have played into it. MEDITATE often and pray for calm. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do; keep doing just that, and you will be ready for the next step on your journey to wellness. The stem cell transplant probably won’t be fun, but it will make your body forget to let the disease back in. It’s the triple deadbolt you need against the disease. Welcome it’s protection. We love you.


  4. Dan says:

    It’s the home stretch Sandi – hang in there!


  5. Carolyn Csoka says:

    Thank you for the update! I know the delay is frustrating but I am sure the doctors want you strong. I miss you and love you.


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