Quick update

Reporting live from room E803 at Emory Hospital in Atlanta is Curt, her husband. Sandi is progressing well in accordance with the doctors plans, although she is glad there are no live cameras on this news report. The stem cell transplant took place last Wednesday, so she is on Day +7 and clearly in "the basement" phase (as the doctors refer to this stage where her white blood counts are essentially zero). As you can imagine, she is quite sick – some days are better than others. We have seen a noticeable improvement recently but we are not out of the woods. On Sunday night, they rushed her into an emergency CAT scan due to concerns from the severe headaches – the results were negative. On Monday night, she had a fall, which is a major concern here – no injury except for a few colorful bruises. She is not happy that they have now installed an alarm on her bed so that everyone knows if she tries to get up without help. Yesterday they sent her off for chest X-rays due to severe coughing and concern for pneumonia – the results were negative. Today we are battling a fever. Every day seems to bring a new challenge. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the doctors and nursing staff, and especially grateful for special friends that show up every day to serve as caregivers so that I can go to work. Thanks for your continued prayers. God is good.

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9 Responses to Quick update

  1. Janet says:

    Was just thinking about and praying for you this morning. What a heck of a battle….keep on fighting on.


  2. Marsha Carter says:

    Thanks for the update. Praying for Sandi (^.^) Hugs Hugs Hugs


  3. Aileen says:

    So many battles — thankfully, Sandi, you have the mettle necessary to fight those battles, you AND your wonderful family.


  4. kim robertson says:

    Thank you for the update. I am sorry that it has been so hard. I continue to pray for you and wish that I did not have to work so that I could be there to help. I am thankful that you do have the help that God planned out before time. He is good!


  5. Linda says:

    Thinking of you constantly. Looking forward to all challenges being overcome soon! Hang in there! Love to all of you


  6. Carolyn Csoka says:

    Thank you so much for the update! I think of all of you every day. Praying for you dear friend.


  7. Cheryl Otto says:

    Thank you for taking the time for the update. Continue prayers for all of you.


  8. Jan Adams says:

    Hi Curt & Sandi — Thanks for the update. I think about Sandi each day that she is in the hospital and I’m praying she will get stronger and get through all of this very soon. I’m thankful for Sandi and her family and I know God will continue to give her his strength when she is needs it. Love you both!


  9. Debra Kaiserman says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about you Sandi!! I know this is hard keep fighting!! We are giving you our strength to help get through this💪🏻.


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