It’s perspective

Hello all! I know everyone is wondering about the white blood count. I hate to say this but it went down a tiny bit. However, I am not down about it anymore. I feel so good, so much better everyday. The doctor actually told me it may take months and he isn’t concerned. At least it isn’t as low as when I was in the hospital. I still have to be super careful but I’m starting to plan on outings. I may have to wear gloves or a mask sometimes but to get out! It’s bringing my sanity back.

So, enough about THAT topic. I have started seeing little hairs on my arms but not one on my head. Still as smooth as a babies bottom. I have to get my drivers license renewed (I had to let it expire in May due to chemo). No way was the dr. Going to let me go to the DMV. The down part is getting my picture made, do I have to go bald or can I wear my wig? Haven’t worn it lately cause it’s been too hot but as I venture out, I think I’ll be pulling it out. Don’t want to scare small children!

My weight loss has leveled off and I ’m having trouble keeping my pants up. I have sewn darts in my jeans just to get by. Yes, I hear everyone saying, oh what a problem to have. But when your walking outside and one hand is holding pants up, it’s serious! Lol

Next month I will have hit 100 days since the transplant. At that time, I will go back to big Emory for more tests. Afterwards, I hope to be diagnosed as in remission. After that milestone, this ordeal will be somewhat over. This blog will come to an end and we will try to figure out what normal is again. Until then, thanks for keeping up with me.


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9 Responses to It’s perspective

  1. Aileen says:

    You are so on the way! Just in time for this fantastic season. Aren’t we all enjoying these beautiful days?? Why don’t you call the DMV and ask if you can have your pic RE-made when you get growth? Of course, if I looked that cute bald, I’d consider it as a look. :)))


  2. cheryl otto says:

    Thanks for the update and the chuckles. As always, continuous prayers. Cheryl


  3. Kim Robertson says:

    I am so happy for you and so enjoyed visiting with you! Enjoy your time at the lake and the craft fair!


  4. Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for the update! Wear your wig or not…you will still be you, and beautiful! Jo Ann


  5. Christine Johnson says:



  6. Carolyn Csoka says:

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the sewing days ahead together!


  7. Jan Adams says:

    Thanks for updating us. Im so happy you are feeling better. Time to
    get back to your routine. Looking forward to seeing you . i think you look great
    in your blonde wig.


  8. Really great to hear you’re feeling better; good enough to take on DMV which makes me weak in the knees just thinking about it. Wear your wig ’cause you’re gonna have that license for quite a few years! Maybe we should borrow Annie’s rainbow wig? And buy a tight fitting pair of jeans so your pants don’t hang down and DMV thinks they’ve got a rebellious middle-aged woman on their hands! LOL All kidding aside, I’m rejoicing that God is giving you favor and that you will be “officially” told you’re in remission.


  9. Monica l Murray says:

    Hello Thanks for the update


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