Quick update

Reporting live from room E803 at Emory Hospital in Atlanta is Curt, her husband. Sandi is progressing well in accordance with the doctors plans, although she is glad there are no live cameras on this news report. The stem cell transplant took place last Wednesday, so she is on Day +7 and clearly in "the basement" phase (as the doctors refer to this stage where her white blood counts are essentially zero). As you can imagine, she is quite sick – some days are better than others. We have seen a noticeable improvement recently but we are not out of the woods. On Sunday night, they rushed her into an emergency CAT scan due to concerns from the severe headaches – the results were negative. On Monday night, she had a fall, which is a major concern here – no injury except for a few colorful bruises. She is not happy that they have now installed an alarm on her bed so that everyone knows if she tries to get up without help. Yesterday they sent her off for chest X-rays due to severe coughing and concern for pneumonia – the results were negative. Today we are battling a fever. Every day seems to bring a new challenge. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the doctors and nursing staff, and especially grateful for special friends that show up every day to serve as caregivers so that I can go to work. Thanks for your continued prayers. God is good.

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Quick Update

Hello Everyone,

Mallory here. Mom checked into Emory on Monday morning. She's been undergoing several different rounds of chemotherapy in preparation for her stem cell transplant on August 2nd. This chemo has been tough. Luckily we have been graced by the assistance and moral support of our Aunt Devette. She and mom share a unique ability to provide humor and sass to any situation and having her here has been a breath of fresh air.

Mom will undergo her transplant next Wednesday. After that, it will be two weeks of recovery. Days 6-10 after the procedure are expected to be the worst, so make sure to be fiercely praying on August 8-12. If all goes well, we expect to be discharged on August 16. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully these next three weeks move quickly.

Thank you for your prayers, notes, and endless support for my family. Please forgive us if we don't respond as quickly as we would like. We hope to provide another update soon.
Until next time!

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New schedule

Just heard….I’m starting my journey Monday!  I’m feeling much better and the encouraging words have been a blessing.  


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Well folks, it’s Tuesday and I’m home not at the hospital like was scheduled.  Here’s the story, Saturday and Sunday I was given a shot of a drug that I believe gave me a bad reaction.  When I say bad, I’m talking migraine headaches and numerous trips to the bathroom that lasted until Monday morning.  It was quite bad.  When we arrived at the hospital, they gave me something to calm my stomach and then informed me that since I was not well, they would have to delay everything.  So, I am home, still recovering from the reaction.  Thank goodness Curt is strong and supports me no matter what.   Personally, I wish they would just cancel the stem cell but I know that it’s necessary.  I suppose I have to be well before they kill all my immune system.  Any type of infection would not be good.  So, we wait.  Thanks for the prayers and all the encouraging words.  Will try to keep everyone updated. 


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It’s clear….

I can’t begin to express the answer to prayer other than God is so good.  We learned today that the pet scan shows that there is no signs of my cancer.   I am so humbled.  Prayer works and when I asked for prayer, I felt strong.  Curt and I wanted to pass this news on to everyone asap.  I will still have my transplant to further ensure my chances of success against this horrible disease.  Until later, thank you.

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First Day of Summer

Happy first day of summer everyone! I am spending some time with the Sassy Queen Sandi today. I needed to catch up with her, here’s what we talked about…

Q: So, what all has happened (treatment wise) since the last blog?

A: my stem cells were harvested on June 5, they got all that they needed in one day (scheduled for four days).  3 RICE chemo rounds under my belt, and today was the first day I woke up feeling good (maybe because of the two pints of B+ blood I got yesterday!).  Thank you to all those blood donors and platelet people!

Q: What is in the near future, treatment wise?

A:  Next week will be routine lab work, to check on my levels and see if I need more blood. On July 5 will be my pet scan to check if these two tumors in my abdomen are gone.  BTW, the tumors or non-Hodgkin’s.  From July 17 – 24, I will receive the next chemo rounds, and on July 26 I’ll be receiving my stem cells back.

Q:  How is your family?

A:  Curt is doing well and working hard. He is well into his bikini body, -35 pounds and still going! Conner is enjoying his work at being an intern. Mallory will be starting a new job on July 5. She is also participating in a half marathon in November, all proceeds will benefit the leukemia and Lymphoma Society – her goal is to raise $2,000.  Please consider supporting this cause by visiting http://pages.teamintraining.org/ga/rnrsav17/MCain .

Q: What other comments do you have for your adoring fans?

A: thank you for all the powerful and heartfelt prayers, sweet texts, emails and cards – I can open my own Hallmark museum! I feel that I am in the final stretch of this journey, Conquering Cancer! After receiving my stem cells on July 26 I’m looking forward to the month of August 

Note from the interviewer, Sandi is alert, funny and getting to be her usual sassy self – praise the Lord! I did not know what to expect since I’ve not seen her in a while, and was very happy to see her up and around. We even went for a drive and yes I drove

I would like to ask everyone that reads this to join me in please pray for clean result of her upcoming pet scan on July 5th!

Blessings,  Mama Doss

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Round 2 

Hello Everyone! Mallory here. Just wanted to provide a quick update for mom. 
First of all – Thank you SO much for all the amazing fabric you have given mom. She is absolutely overwhelmed and is already planning her next six or seven projects. In fact, she’s decided to make a quilt to auction off for charity. Although she’ll never admit it, Mom has a servant’s heart that is still alive and well through all of this. 

Our family is doing very well. Dad is channeling his executive nature and ensuring mom has all of her pills at the right time and in the right order, while also making sure Connor and I are eating healthy. Our bikini bodies are coming along nicely thanks to Dad’s new cauliflower rice addiction. While Dad has a new-found love of Trader Joes, Mom has found love with comedy specials on Netflix. She says she can feel you all praying for her. It means the world to us.

Right now, we are still pursuing the more aggressive form of therapy in preparation for the stem cell transplant. Unfortunately the stem cell transplant has been postponed for late July. We will pursue another round of chemo before she goes in for the treatment.

Our prayer requests are still the same. Please pray that this chemo will be successful so that we can move forward with the stem cell transplant, that the doctors will be discerning and wise, and that Trader Joes will put cauliflower rice on sale. All jokes aside, thank you for the prayers and well wishes you have given my mom and my family. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me via email or Facebook. I’ll be happy to give you my phone number so you can reach out at any time. 

Have a wonderful start to summer! 


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