The best sewing machine for beginners

Being able to create something out of one’s own sewing skills is a great achievement, but for this job, one of the best kinds of the sewing machine is needed. When we first begin to take interest in sewing, as a hobby or a professional work, fancy designs and extra additions can get tricky at times and make even simple stitches complicated. Therefore, when it comes to beginners, a sewing machine is required to be easy to work with, easy to operate and durable, in order to create and produce extraordinary stitch work, without any flaws.

For this purpose, the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has been able to find the best sewing machine for beginners, by taking into account the ratings and reviews provided by professionals as well as beginners.

When looking for a sewing machine, one should look for what application it is going to employ. For example, embroidery, sewing, quilting, or other. Selecting the type of machine depending on the job it has to carry out, makes it quite efficient and easy for the user.

Here are some of the things one should consider before buying a sewing machine:

  1. Type of stitching:

When a beginner starts to work with sewing in the first place, only two types of stitches are mostly required i.e. stitching straight and in zigzag. But, as one progresses further, better and more complex intricate stitching patterns and decorative design options are required.

  • Weight:

The weight of the sewing machine is another important feature to consider, especially when one is looking forward to carrying it around when taking classes. Preferably, the machine should be light in weight so that it is easier to move it around.

  • Ease of operation:

When it comes to beginners, ease of operation of the machine should be considered very important. The simpler the better. A good stitch should be durable, neat, and firm. In the beginning, one should only focus on the features and options that are clear and simpler and avoid the unnecessary complex ones, at that moment. They will only end up making the whole process difficult.

Keeping in mind all the necessary features and requirements of beginners, the best sewing machine which will make the experience delightful for beginners is:


Singer 7363 Confidence Sewing Machine

Singer 7363 Confidence Sewing Machine is rated to be the best overall sewing machine for beginners. It retails for about 269 US dollars. This machine is best suited for beginners who aim towards progressing for more fancy and decorative patterns. To make the threading experience easier, there is a drop-in bobbin instead of the standard construction.

Another appreciated feature is that the speed is adjustable, so especially for beginners, they can adjust the speed settings as they presume fit and avoid moving too quickly. It is also provided with a start and stop button, to promptly stop when one commits an error.

An advanced work experience includes a wide variety of about 100 different stitch patterns, 6 buttonhole options, a built-in needle threader, and also a programmable needle up and down feature. All the features are quite ideal for making quilts, clothes, and other things. The tension adjusts itself according to the type of fabric, which is one of the most loved features.

Singer 7363 Confidence Sewing Machine – Making the sewing experience a pure joy!

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