What are the best sewing scissors?

A good pair of sewing scissors is essential for any aspiring dressmaker or quilting enthusiast, or even just someone who enjoys sewing as a pastime. You would know how complicated this can be because you have ever attempted to cut bits of tissue with normal kitchen scissors. Scissors are much stronger, and even the toughest of fabrics can glide like a butter knife with the best sewing scissors. This assessment and purchasing guide helps you find the finest pair of scissors to fit your requirements.

At first, it may seem very intimidating to buy sewing scissors, because several different choices are available and there are many items to consider. For instance, the material used for the blades may influence their sharpness and the materials best suited for cutting. Sewing scissors, like electric versions, scissors designed for arthritis, and shears specifically designed with dressmaking in mind, are also available in different styles. All this was considered and we eventually chose the only competent shears of Kai 7250 10 Inch and here is why?

Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears:


  • Type: All-purpose shears
  • Blades: high carbon stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 0.8 x 10 inches
  • Extra features: professional scissors; carbon steel allows for a sharper and smoother cutting

The Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears are at the very top of our list. These scissors work like a dream with a satisfactory cutting process, with immensely powerful blades that can be sliced through any fabric or material that you can work with The best professional sewing scissors, are easy for you to purchase. These Kai professional shears truly fit their brand, which offers professional-grade quality, one of the strongest pairs on the market. In the Hands of a skillful dressmaker, they will not look out of place, but they are also ideal for home use with a relaxed grip and spectacular performance.

These sewing scissors have the number one advantage of their carbon stainless steel construction. The consistency of the material used for these blades really shines as the scissors simply glide through all sorts of materials without any problems, and deliver clean cuts. The kai shears are designed to last a long time and also give a comfort that is perfect in most hand sizes because the blades are very unbelievably sharp.

In comparison with some of the other versions, the only other slight drawback of these sewing scissors is their relatively high price. You have to pay a professional premium if you want professional quality, however, and since these shears will last for several years when properly preserved and carefully treated, we think they are more than worth the extra cash.Pros Very strong Ideal for all fabrics Carbon steel construction Comfortable to use Built to last

  • Very strong
  • Ideal for all fabrics
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Comfortable to use
  • Built to last
  • A little pricey
  • Exceptionally sharp so care is needed

Reasons to get a pair of top-quality sewing scissors

The reasons to get a pair of super sewing scissors are clear to see:

  • Ease of use – The best sewing scissors are super easy to use, making short work of tough materials and letting you become much more efficient and speedy in your sewing projects overall.
  • Precision – One of the biggest reasons to invest in some quality sewing scissors is the incredible degree of precision they can provide. If you try cutting a typical piece of fabric with a regular pair of kitchen scissors, you’ll see how tricky it is and how easily the material starts to fray. With good sewing scissors, you can cut clean, neat, accurate lines without any hassle.
  • Durability – The best sewing scissors are built to last, so while they might cost a little more than regular scissors, they’re worth the investment in the long run as they really can stick with you for years and years.
  • Looking after your hands – Whether you’ve got arthritis or not, it’s always important to look after your hands. Repeating the same movements over and over can cause strain and fatigue, but quality sewing scissors are designed to be kind to the hands and let you sew for longer.

Features to consider when choosing sewing scissors

There are several different features and aspects to think about when choosing the right pair of sewing scissors. See below for info on each of these aspects and be sure to consider all of these features and how important they are to you when shopping for sewing scissors.

Type of scissors and what you’ll be using them for

The first thing to ask yourself when shopping for sewing scissors is what you’re actually going to be using them for. There are various types of sewing scissors out there and different models can be better suited for different purposes. Some scissors are designed with dressmaking in mind, for example, like the Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears. Others are better-equipped with sewing, quilting, or embroidering, with the Thread Snips in the Singer bundle being perfect for embroidery.

Scissor blades

A big factor in determining the quality of any pair of sewing scissors is the sharpness of the blades and the material they’re made from. High-quality materials like carbon stainless steel, as seen in the Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears, provide sharper and stronger scissors for smooth, precise cuts in even the toughest of fabrics.

Comfortable grip

If you enjoy sewing, quilting, and similar activities, you’re going to spend a lot of time using these scissors, so you need them to feel right in your hand.

Spending too long with an uncomfortable set of scissors can cause hand fatigue, strain, and aches. This is especially true for those with arthritis or quite weak or small hands in general.

It’s vital to look at the handle and find a model that feels comfortable in your grip, and some models, like the Fiskars Easy Action scissors we saw above, are designed specifically with comfort in mind.

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Any left-handed people out there will know that finding a good pair of scissors is always a little more difficult than it would be for a right-handed person. The position of the blades and the style of the handle can make it harder for left-handed people to use certain models, so if you are left-handed, you’ll need to do your research to find a set of scissors that can work for you. Make sure you check that the model you’ve chosen is suitable for left-handed use before you buy.

Tips on using and caring for your sewing scissors

Want to make sure your sewing scissors go the distance and last a long time? Follow these tips:

  • Only use the scissors to cut fabric. Cutting other materials will wear down the blades.
  • Keep them in a dry place, far from moisture to prevent any rusting.
  • Seek out the services of a professional sharpener or learn how to sharpen the blades yourself.
  • Store your scissors in a case or sleeve to avoid any exposure to harmful elements.
  • Wipe your scissors gently with a soft cloth after each use to keep them nice and clean.

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